Jan Koehler is founding member of the consultancy company ARC GbR. He received his first degree from the Freie Universität Berlin in Social Anthropology and did his PhD in Political Science. He has been consulting for the past two decades for International Organisations, governments and NGOs involved in development and institution-building activities. Before founding ARC in 2002 Jan worked for the OSCE in the Caucasus and in Kosovo.  
    The current focus of Janís activities is Afghanistan and Pakistan with special emphasis on impact assessments and evaluations. His research interests focus on state formation, peace building and institution-centred conflict analysis - a methodology he applied in cooperation with local colleagues in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the North and South Caucasus, Peru, Mexico and Burundi.
His experience includes extensive fieldwork (consultancy work and academic research) in Afghanistan and the successor states of the Soviet Union. The results of his work are available in various publications.
In addition to his German mother tongue, Jan also speaks English and Russian fluently and has basic understanding of Georgian and Spanish.



Kristóf Gosztonyi: Kristóf is a partner in ARC and has been cooperating with the company since 2003. In his consultancy work Kristóf focuses on project evaluations, as part of the ARC team on impact assessments and on conflict analyses. As an academic researcher he is affiliated with the Berghof Foundation and currently cooperates with the Poverty Violence Governance Lab, led by Beatriz Magaloni at Stanford University in a research focusing on communal policing in Mexico.

    Before joining the ARC-team, Kristůf was a senior consultant for the international business risks consultancy, Control-Risks. He specialised in supporting multi-national companies in setting up or upgrading their anti-corruption systems and managing corruption risks in high corruption risk countries. Kristůf has also worked for international organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (OHR) and Sri Lanka (UNHCR).
Kristůf is a social anthropologist and political scientist with extensive field work experience in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mexico and the Balkans. Kristůf speaks five languages (Hungarian, German, English, Spanish and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) and has basic knowledge of Dari.

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