Aga Khan Foundation Afghanistan: 01/2010 – 12/2015

Assessing the stabilization effects of KfW’s Stabilisation Programme North Afghanistan (SPNA)


GIGA/KfW: 05/2014 – 12/2015

Research on the impact of infrastructure programmes and public service improvements on political trust in Afghanistan, Burundi and Peru


GIZ: 02 03/2014

PFK Regional Capacity Development Fund (RCDF) Afghanistan


GIZ: 03/2013 – 03/2014

Support for the GIZ Sector-Programme in their task to feed conflict sensitivity and peace building needs into the Afghanistan strategy of the Development Ministry (BMZ) for the years 2015-2017


ICAI (UK): 06/2013 – 02/2014

Impact evaluation of DfID biletaral support programme to growth and livelyhoods in Afghanistan


BMZ (in cooperation with Free U Berlin): 9/2006 – 12/2013

Longitudinal impact assessment of the intervention in Afghanistan


Stanford University: 02/2012 – 07/2014

Qualitative conflict and local governance research in Oaxaca und Chiapas (Mexico)


AKF-A: 11/2012 – 01/2013

Rapid assessment of AKF’s social outreach programme in Daikundi and Kandahar (Afghanistan)


GIZ: 05/2012 – 09/2012

Preparing a Peace and Conflict Assessment (PCA) for the programme and facilitate the integration of the results and recommendations into project circle management of NAWI and TVET Afghanistan


GIZ: 09/2009 – 02/2010

Design and implementation of Peace and Conflict Assessment in nine provinces of North Afghanistan


GIZ: 03/2008 – 08/2009

Supervision and implementation of Governance Context Analysis Badakhshan and Civil Society Assessment Badakhshan (Afghanistan)


German Federal Ministry of Defence (Bundesministerium der Verteidigung): 4/2007 9/2007

Evaluation of Civil-Military-Cooperation in Afghanistan (Provincial Development Funds)


Afghan National Development Strategy (ANDS) Working Group, Kabul, Afghanistan: 12/2005 – 02/2006

Assistance to the Interim ANDS process and identification of future demand for German input to the future full ANDS 2005/06


GTZ: 11/2004 03/2005

Conflict processing and the Opium Poppy Economy in Afghanistan, November 2004 to March 2005

1Full Report

2PR Version


GTZ: 8 – 12/2003

A Comprehensive peace and conflict analysis (PCA) of Tajikistan, Afghanistan and 
Integrated report:  This report integrates the results of three individual empirical research projects conducted in the GTZ “Promoting Food Security, Regional Cooperation and Stability” Programme target areas in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and places them into the regional context of the GTZ strategy.


GTZ: 11/2002 – 12/2003

Establishment and implementation of a long-term local conflict analysis in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, including individual country studies and an integrated synthesis of the analysis


GTZ: 3-5/2003

In-house report on tolerance enhancing measures in rural Tajikistan


GTZ: 8-10/2002

Conducts on behalf of GTZ of a regional conflict analysis in the South Caucasus, with focus on the potential and limit of regional cooperation, including an internal paper on proliferation of small arms and light weapon in the South Caucasus


World Vision Germany: 4-6/2002

Provision of a successful project proposal under the budget line B 7 – 70 (European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights)for a project focusing on minority and youth issues in ethnically mixed regions of Georgia implemented in August 2003


World Bank: 6-12/2001

Conduct of research on recent violent conflicts in the Caucasus on behalf of the World Bank research project on common violence and civil war



Full reports are made available by e-mail upon request.